Monday, November 2, 2009

Claymore Chapter 97 Synopsis

This new chp begin with the cornered Riful by Alicia (Orgz claymore #1)
It seems that Alicia can evades or deflects all of Riful's hair attack. Believe me, i think in this chp, i didnt see Alicia got hit by Riful's attack, not a single attack
Riful says that Alicia's awakened form is sealed but she is being controlled. By who? Her awakened twin sister, Beth? But, Beth is being controlled too, by that parasite thingy.
Riful lost part of her body one by one, both of her arms then one of her leg

Cool standing pose, Riful XD
Isley couldnt stand up when one of his leg gone, but i think Riful's hair is pretty useful for this kind of condition. Riful is in the verge of death and she is crying in that situation
Luckily, Alicia lost her control because Beth is struggling against someone, who could that be?

Well2 looks what we've got in here. It's Priscilla and she's not in her kid version
Yup, it's Priscilla vs Parasite Beth. Pris overpowered Beth and Pris sucks Beth's flesh because she's hungry. Iuhh...
The battle isnt over and looks like Pris is looking for someone. She says "that man", could it be Raki? I guess so. Let's wait for the next chp aka next month XD