Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ar Tonelico 3 Heroine's Other Personality

Yup, finally a better images of Famitsu scan, but the size is too small. Let's just wait Gpara or 4Gamer to upload the better ones ^^

More screenshots in here
Translation: (credits to Game Faqs)
Saki's other personality
Sakia Lumei The opposite of Saki she is a stubborn persona, she shows up when Saki is in danger to beat up her enemies. WOW!
Filament She is the persona that isolates all of the pain that Saki cant bear, she know a lot of things that Saki dont know and help her friends with that knowledge
Selepetor The big sis personality,for Saki that always tries to hide her feelings, she is the one who gives her all the advice about love. I have a high expectation for this one XD

Finnel's other personality
????? A mysterious persona that rarely appears. She seeks to achieve her only objective that she remembers. My bet is this girl is Harvestasya :)
Souma She is feared by people as the Clusternia's assassin, despite wearing a clown outfit her movements are very fast
Yurisika Sorry cant read it but she seems to seek some kind of help from Aoto