Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Knight Chronicles 2: Awakening of Light and Darkness

As what has been revealed in TGS 2009, the sequel of White Knight Chronicles (WKC) are coming, the full title is White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness
"The sequel will take place one year after the events of the prequel. Grazel, the young leader of Wizard (the antagonist organization of the first game) has managed to acquire a significant amount of power and built a new Empire. As a result, the Kingdom of Balandor, the Walking City of Gried and the Magic Country of Fohria are all in serious trouble. Important elements of the story that will unfold in the second game are the continued growth of protagonist Leonard and other key characters as well as the conclusion to the epic conflict between the evil empire resurrected by Grazel and the nation of Asvien."
There are 4 giant knights in WKC
White Knight, Leonard's transform

Black Knight

Dragon Knight

 Sun King

In WKC 2 there would be the 5th and new giant knight, the Moon Princess or Tsukihime (pretty design) which using a bow as her weapon

Here's the screenshots for her transformation

Confirmed characters are Leonard, Yulie, Eldore, and Caesar (You can customize your characters' outfit)
You still can customize your allies too. They will have a greater role this time. And your party is consists of 6 members now

There's a new area, the Lost Forest which surrounds Magic Country of Fohria
 PS: Click the screenshots pix for larger view