Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Persona 3 Portable New PV

There's a new PV in P3P Official Website but this time the video contain a funny conversation between Elizabeth and Theodore. Here's the translation:

T: Sis, didn’t you overdo it?
E: Teo, it’s already started.
T: Oh, do excuse me.
E: Greetings. It’s nice to meet you all again. This is Elizabeth. Finally, I can introduce the new game without my master’s presence. Lets get started about what’s instore-
T: Sorry, sis. I have yet to give my introduction. This is all voice only so I must insist-
E: And this my not really worthy, silly little brother, Theodore. There you go.
T: What kind of introduction is that!
E: Teo, we have guests before us!
T: Err…
E: Now where were we again? Oh yes, we’ve watched this many times over but, it’s still such wonderful a Persona summoning.
T: It is. But sis, shouldn’t we explain about Velvet Room…
E: Well… Lets talk about how long our Master’s nose is.
T: Why that!
E: Shhh! Quiet! It’s one of those battles that load extremely fast.
T: Wow… Then these are the everyday life scenes. Improvements made to give it a more pleasant gaming experience as well.
E: The PSP is a handheld console so to make it more convenient, we have customised it a lot.
T: Cust… Customize?
E: It means kid.
T: I- I know that! Hahaha…
E: And from this version, we have two kind of visitors.
T: There will naturally be some differences enjoying your youth as a male or female.
E: I will turn male.
T: No you won’t.
E: And Teo will turn female.
T: No. What kind of change is that…
E: Then our Master will turn…
T: Please STOP.
E: This portable version is jam packed with features. Truly it must be worth your money.
T: Why are you suddenly putting on a Jika-net imitation…? Come on, it’s almost over.
E: Well Teo, we should take this seriously until we finish.
T: That’s my line!
E: I will permit you to say the title. Right, 3-2-1 go!
T: *Stumbling* Persona 3 Portable goes on sale November 1 2009.
E: *Sigh* And we were at the most interesting part too.

Am kinda surprised when eliz said that AaAa-tlus, but it's funny. Poor Theo, he must bear his big sister's craziness XD
Source: Kotowari