Tuesday, October 27, 2009

End of Eternity

The new game which developed by Tri-Ace and published by SEGA, End of Eternity, has a new info regarding the weapons.

As you can see from the scans, the weapons that we can use are hand gun, machine gun, and grenade (for seriously? There are no other cool weapons such as katana or whip?). The elementals are fire, ice, electricity, and poison by attaching  magazine cases or grenade boxes to the weapons.
There are 2 types of damage: Direct damage and Scratch damage. The first one, dealt by hand gun and greande. The last one, dealt by machine gun and contribute more damage to the enemy. But, if it didnt follow up by performing direct damage, the target's HP will slowly recover.
If you didnt equip any weapons, your characters' weapon would be knife or kicking the enemy (That would be cool Lol)
Release date: 28 January 2010