Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kiddy Girl-and

New series for Kiddy Grade anime, the new title is Kiddy Girl-and
Director: Keiji Gotoh (Kiddy Grade, Uta~Kata)
Series script supervisor: Hidefumi Kimura (Kiddy Grade, Generator Gawl)
Character designer: Megumi Kadonosono (Clannad Movie, Uta~Kata, Kiddy Grade, Rayearth OVA)
Setting: 20 years after the original Kiddy Grade anime. Still around the galactic government known as GTO (Shouldnt it be GOTT? huh?)
Characters: Ascoeur (Aya Uchida) and Q-feuille (Aya Goda) both are still in training to become an ES member, GTO's secret agents with special abilities.
So, the main characters arent Eclair and Lumiere in different outlook. Eh? But, Ascoeur whick looks shorter than Q-F similar with Lumiere. And i think, Q-F is Eclair with purple hair puff XD

Other confirmed characters in this new anime are the returning of Tweedledee and Tweedledum? Check this out (Click the image for full view)

There are three slightly different trailers for this anime
First, 15 second trailer on the official website
Second, 30 second Anime Newtype Channel trailer in here
Last one, 30 second Kadokawa Anime Channel trailer in here
Kiddy Girl-and will premiere on 15 October.
Source: Anime News Netowork