Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final Fantasy Current Project Details

Director Mamoru Toriyama and character designer Tetsuya Nomura gave some comments about their FF games in Famitsu

Final Fantasy XIII
- Sazh's summon: Brunhilde. It can transform into a car
- New character is Oerba Yun Fang, a spear wielder, black-haired female, and a L'Cie mark on her right arm.
- Fang's summon: Bahamut.
- Fang originally appeared in the scenario as a male character. This might explain why Oerba is described as being stronger than Lightning and more strong-willed than Snow
- PS3 version won't require a game data installation and the save data size is around 500 kB

Final Fantasy Versus XIII
- Glowing white creatures from the Tokyo Game Show demo won't appear in the finished product
- Gameplay, an extension of the Kingdom Hearts games
- You control Noctis, AI control your party members
- The only accessory worn by Noct is a ring which he wears on his right hand. This ring has significance for Versus XIII's storyline.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII
- The multiplayer mode shown in the TGS demo was footage of what is pretty much the finished battle system.
- The difficulty level is high.
- A special feature is the frequent appearance of short missions during battle.

Final Fantasy Dissidia
- There would a be a sequel for this series, but it depends on the success of the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning.
- for the sequel, Nomura would like to see Kain and Gilgamesh. He ruled out appearances by Kingdom Hearts series characters, though. And he prefer Sazh over Lighting for FF XIII representative (o.O for seriously)

The 3rd Birthday
- Apparently still an unfinished product.
- New information will come next year.

Poor Aya, she is the last game among other FF games to be released. I think After FF XIII, the team will focusing in Versus, then Agito, and last one is 3rd B.
More details can be found in here