Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Atelier Lina Story

Got my hand on Atelier Lina's story in Siliconera
The main protagonist, Lina aka me *cough cough* is a girl who have just passed exams to become an alchemy. She went to her childhood friend's home, Ryuon/Luon to tell him about her graduation. But Luon was quarelling with his father and the ran off. Lina runs after him and finally finds him at the edge of the wood where is on fire!
The living creature who live in the forest thought that Lina and Luon are the ones behind the fire disaster. Oh, poor me!
Then, they plan to rebuild the forest in 3 years by earning some money. And the fun begins!
Lina finds missions from rumors, completes it with her alchemy skill, then she gets the money
Cant wait for the US version Lol. Because.....
The main character is Lina and she has green outfit. I like green XD
You can see the characters in my previous article

Source: Siliconera