Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ar Tonelico III

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As the leaked new Famitsu Scan, there will be new series for Gust's Ar Tonelico Series. Yup, Ar Tonelico III for you. Exclusively for Playstation 3! That's a sad thing :(. Release date: 28 January 2010

The main protagonist is Aoto (i like white hair characters, but your design looks bad, dude! XD) who doesnt like the Reyvateil Nation of Clastania. The Reyvateils are Saki, an artificial Reyvateil on the run and Finnel, a pure Reyvateil of Clastania. These characters live on a third tower known as Sol Cluster, where humans and reyvateils live together

"The Dive system of the earlier games returns in Ar Tonelico 3. However, the developers have added a new twist to the system. While diving into a Reyvateil's (sub)consciousness, the player will encounter more than one personality. Different personalities come dressed in different clothes. Which outfit a Reyvateil should wear in battle is determined by the player. Speaking of outfits, it will be possible to “liberate” the girls from theirs in Ar Tonelico 3. This effect as well as a considerably higher attack power is the reward for a strong bond between the protagonist and a Reyvateil.
Another new feature is the R.A.H. system. In the spiritual world, song parts can be merged into a new song by the player. By letting a Reyvateil sing a quality song in battle, it will be possible to strengthen a party member's attack power. Last but not least, the BGM will change in real-time, depending on the player's actions."

Well, i like AT battle system because the combo system is very similar with Valkyrie Profile battle system, except with the additional song magic ^^
Scans Source: Wii Everyday
Info Source: RPG Fan