Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 Reasons Why Anime Is Superior to Western Animation

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9. Complete Stories
Anime designed with a beginning, middle and end, telling a complete story in the process 
8. Depth of Character
With the complete story idea in mind, many shows work through actual character growth as it progresses. Many shows have a character that does change, sometimes quickly and sometimes gradually, over the course of it.
7. Depth of Story
Prevalent in many shows is a sense of issues that are of importance, issues that you won't find in the West for the most part because of the general audience being kids.
6. Relationships Treated Realistically
Romantic relationships are a rarity in the West but they're a common theme in anime and in all sorts of configurations. Often the shows deal with the pursuit of a relationship, typically in high school.
5. Even When It’s for Children, It’s Not for Children
Some shows that are brought over specifically for TV syndication here invariably end up edited.
4. Adult Animation
Animation of a sexual nature aimed at adults is almost non-existent in the West.
3. Culture/History Is Important
Many Western animation shows tend to celebrate other pop culture aspects and rarely into our own history does it go, at least not since the days of Bugs Bunny. US animation tends to celebrate the stupidity of our culture more than anything else.
2. The Budget Is on the Screen
After the popularity of shows like South Park and the advent of new tools for animation, a large chunk of what comes out in America tends to feel like flash-based animation rather than real animation. Anime had a bad couple of years with some experiments in digital animation after the turn of the century, but by and large many shows have a feel of quality about them because the budget is right there on the screen.
1. Hayao Miyazaki
The simple fact that Hayao Miyazaki exists in Japan and has created so many movies as well as being involved in a lot of Lupin the Third makes him one of the big reasons that anime is superior.
Source: Anime Nation