Tuesday, September 22, 2009

R.I.P. Yoshito Usui (Crayon Shin-chan Mangaka)

A sad news for Crayon Shin-chan fans, because its creator passed away at 19 September 2009. A very shocking news for me, because a couple days ago he was reported missing, and i thought it was a joke. I mean, maybe he was hiding then later on he would surprising us with something

Yoshito Usui Usui was found 120 meters below the Arafune mountain’s Tomoiwa cliff in Gunma prefecture where he had gone for a personal hiking trip. So far, it's stated that it isnt a murder case but based on the last photo which found on Yoshito Usui’s digital camera, it's stated that he fell while taking some pictures. It's a very tragic death :(

His last 2 chapters would be published in November and December plus the last anime episode would be scheduled hiatus on 16 October
Rest in Peace Yoshito Usui
Source: Anime Nation