Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Social Links for Persona 3 Portable

New heroine and new velvet room dude (Theodore), and now Atlus announcing 2 new social links for P3P IF you decide to choose as the heroine. Wierd huh? Two new female social links for the heroine, but not for the hero XD.
Rio Iwasaki (long hair)
Chief of the P.E. department who is very serious about club activities. In fact, she is so serious that trouble tends to occurr around her. Rio belongs to the volleyball and tennis clubs.

Saori Hasegawa (short hair)
Having been studying overseas, she is two years older than the Heroine. She seems to be troubled with no one around her year being able to understand her. Saori belongs to the library and health committees.
Source: Destructoid