Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Scans For Square Enix Games

Well, it's a little bit late, but e3.endless has 24 pages for SE upcoming games, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Dissidia: Universal Tuning, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. You can check all of those scans in here
page 1-9 FF XIII: Serah
page 10-15 FF XIII: screenshots battle
page 16-17 FF Dissidia Universal Tuning
page 18-23 KH: Birth by Sleep
Well, to be honest i had seen all of the pix in famitsu but there are few screenshots that i never seen
Wow! I think the 1st page pic is cool, Lightning riding Odin in horse form (they reffered it as gestalt or something). Here comes the princess on her white horse! XD


Another late scans, it's NIER scans from e3.endless. You can check it in here
You can see Nier, Kaine, and Yonah in 2D and 3D designs. Wondering who is the designer Lol