Sunday, September 13, 2009

EviLina's Gallery 03

I have this good tutorial for Begginer GFX Artist, a simple and clear tutorial with nice result ^^
Made by ZangetsuResolve from bleachforums
Actually i want to give you a direct link to the thread where he posted his tutorial, but i have searched it many times and the results are zero. I think the database has gone

Signature Tutorial (part 1) by: ZangetsuResolve
Signature Tutorial  (part 2)

The smudge setting is really nice, i often used it in my other works to give some blend. My signature result with using that tut are
2 Valkyrie Profile Silmeria siggies
1 Date Masamune (Samurai Warriors 2) siggy

1 Nu Wa (Warriors Orochi 2) siggy

For the brushes, i forgot which ones that i used. I think the brush name is VPDesign. Totally forgot where did i get it. Sorry