Saturday, September 12, 2009

Characters of the Week #3

Another long break. Sorry. Sick and busy with final thesis

Characters of the Week
  • It consist of Male of the Week and Female of the Week
  • It could be from game, anime, or manga
  • It isnt a poll based. It's only based on my favorite characters
  • I choose characters as characters of the week based on their design or their personality or their position/role
For this week characters, both have similarities: Has dark old fashioned japanese hair style, wields katana as their weapon, and dont talk that much ^^

Male of the Week#3
Kanda Yu from D.Gray-Man

He is an exorcist who wields katana as his weapon. My most favorite character in DGM
He always using a long coat exorcist outfit, i like that. Am curious with his past and why would he called as second exorcist?

Female of the Week#3
Kishu Arashi from X-Clamp

One of the Seven Seals in X story. Her pyramid kekkai is my most favorite
Her katana came out from her hand? That's very cool XD
I dont like her relationship with Sorata though