Friday, September 4, 2009

Characters of the Week #2

It's Friday already. Time flows fast Lol

Characters of the Week
  • It consist of Male of the Week and Female of the Week
  • It could be from game, anime, or manga
  • It isnt a poll based. It's only based on my favorite characters
  • I choose characters as characters of the week based on their design or their personality or their position/role
Male of the Week#2
Cain from Sword of Etheria or Oz

He is the leader of Oz which consist of Almira and Leon. He is wise, calm, cool, and handsy XD
I like his outfit design
He is my most favorite male game character ^^
Unfortunately, he didnt appear much in the game, only at the Prologue. There's a secreat stage which reveal his secreat and he died because of Vitis. I dont like this grape man XD

Female of the Week#2
Furiae from Drakengard or Drag on Dragoon

Another my most favorite female character, Furiae the Goddess of the Seals.
She's pretty and clam. I like her black goddess outfit
She fell in love with his brother, Caim. And when he knew about it, she comitted suicide. A tragic story :(