Monday, September 28, 2009

Bayonetta Scans and Trailers

Bayonetta is the upcoming action game from Sega which will be released 29 October 2009 in Japan for PS3 and Xbox360. Many people cant wait for this game to be released because, it's a hard stylish action game similar with Devil May Cry Series
Seven large scans can be found in here (Monsters and Bayonetta's transform)
You can watch all of Bayonetta's trailers in the official website (Movie Tab)
The latest one is from TGS 2009, Wow! This game gameplay is really2 cool, hope it would be ported for PC ^^
At the last trailer scene, there is this old man with peacock coat who looks evil. He can stopped Bayonetta's bullets with a bare hand. Could he be the main villain?