Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shikigami no Shiro 3 Character Review #1

My first game review, so maybe it isnt that good. Since i played the jpn version and i dont understand the story and the features, so am making a character review for my favorite characters in Shikigami no Shiro 3
  • In Shiki 3, there are two type of attacks, normal shooting bullets and using shikigami as your attacker. When using shikigami, your movements will become slower but your attack strength will increased. Plus, there are 2 types for each character's shikigami, just call it Type A and Type B
  • There is no more upgrading weapons' level. All of your normal shooting bullets and shikigami are at maximum level. That one is what i like.
  • Each character has 3 life bars and can stocked up for 5 bombs
  • For graphics, it has improved from Shiki2. I like the moving BG at Stage 4 where you will go deeper to the castle. It looks realistic and 3D
Okay, first I played as Kohtarou Kuga. His design has changed, he use a rocker like outfit instead of his previous school uniform. He has more cool hair and more mature face. 9/10

Kohtarou in Shiki1

 Kohtarou in Shiki3

 This is a screenshot for Kohtarou's normal shooting bullet. Looks very standard to me, a straight shooting bullets and not an automatic bullets type 7.5/10
Next is Kohtarou's shikigami, he's using a female shikigami to attack the enemies. Her name is Sazae and Sayo Yuhki. Surprised? Yes, Sayo Yuhki the female miko who is a PC in Shiki1 and Shiki2, now is Kohtarou's shikigami.
Kohtarou's shikigami Type A is using Sayo as his shikigami and Sazae for Type B. The different of those 2 types is the place where the shiki will returned if there are no more enemies left in the screen. Sayo will returned on the pentagram where you summoned her for the first time. See the pentagram at the sreenshot, I summoned her in the middle of the screen, and that's the place where she will returned
Sazae will returned to Kohtarou's place, anywhere he did summoned her
His shikigami will automatically attack any enemies who appears in the screen 8.5/10

Next, is Kohtarou's bomb, he will explode a bomb within certain range, not a wide one to me, half of the screen, i think. Well, i have to get closer to my enemies if i want to hit them. It's kinda annoying if i was in the bottom of the screen and the bosses are in the upper screen 7.5/10
Overall score: 9/7.5/8.5/7.5
Average score: 8.1
 Note: Click the screenshot pictures for larger view