Sunday, August 30, 2009

EviLina's Gallery 01

Okay, today am posting my works, especially my signatures which i made with using Adobe Photoshop CS2. Am starting it with my olddddd....... works
When posting my siggies, i will try to make the tutorial to share it with you. But, since i dont have much time, am only give you the main steps and i forgot each step's setting (sorry), so you must improve it by yourself ^^

Simple Tutorial
Set the foreground and background color --> Clouds --> Difference Clouds (both in "Filter" Menu --> Render)

Duplicate your cloud layer
For the top cloud layer, add mosaic effect ("Filter" menu --> Pixelate --> Mosaic) --> Sharpen --> Blending: Screen 70%
Mosaic tut made by Shinta from imanimation, but unfortunately i couldnt access the website long time ago until now

Add Sora render. Render setting:
Give some smudge with smudge tool
Replace some color with blue ("Image" menu --> Adjustment --> Replace color)
My Blue Sora Render

Add KH logo. Logo setting:
Swirls --> add Circle brush from Adobe --> skew, distort, warp it whatever you want ("Edit" menu --> Transform)
Stars --> add star brush from Adobe
Glow effects --> check the tutorial in hereMy KH Logo Render

Add some text
Glow effects --> check the tutorial in..... Woops sorry, the link is broken and i think the website has closed Lol
You are done^^
Any questions? Post it in the Comments box